Back to front theatre language
For theatre language and writing with words I turn my working method around.Up to now, visualisation and improvisation were the starting points for a rehearsal process. Scripts came about in a later phase. But now, writing is the beginning of a production. Putting into words things not spoken aloud is an exciting and stimulating process!

IK WIL JE (I want you), Comedia Amore
Four Characters in search of the Ultimate Kiss. They become involved in love affairs, hate, avoid, love and get lonely. Members of the audience are challenged to select their ultimate kiss from a series of kisses. IK WIL JE was selected as a scenario and performed at the Hollandse Nieuwe Festival on 4, 5, 6 and 7 November 2009 at the Westergasfabriek site in Amsterdam (see archive).
see www.hollandsenieuwe.nl

MONIKA PAGNEUX, a moving life
‘Monika Pagneux, a moving life’ is a book in the making about an exceptional woman and her theatre research in the twentieth century. The book gives a colourful picture of her work, based on interviews with Pagneux and kindred spirits, and contains quotes, photos and background information. It will inspire theatre makers, theatre lovers and anyone interested in (physical) theatre. (See information, archive).