Making theatre from everyday things 
My productions are exaggerated interpretations of everyday life. I like to conjure up a world of people’s carryings on; their ineptitude and their courage to survive nonetheless. As a theatre maker and director, this is what I try to portray. Though the pain and powerlessness called Life always shimmer just below the surface, they never gain the cynical upper hand. Where there’s life, there’s hope, and you should keep on dreaming whatever...

Director with style
I have my own style as a director. The productions are energetic, visual and musical – and preferably humorous! I like popular drama, revues and theatre. I am a director who enjoys making productions for a wide audience – family productions, you could call them.

Directing based on body language
In my profession of director and theatre maker, I work on the physical basis of body language. I think it’s important to make visible and comprehensible what cannot be told in words.