theatre woman





Loes Hegger
I come from a family of seven children. We lived in a big house in a leafy village on the edge of the Veluwe National Park. Our house was home to people from all over the world. It was an asylum seekers’ centre avant la lettre. I grew up among Spanish wedding parties and Italian meals. The clothesline was strung with colourful saris from India. I heard the occupants of the house singing in many different languages and witnessed their joys and sorrows.

Universal theatre
This colourful mixture of people, smells and languages has made me into who I am today. My imagination has been fired by my wonder at all those different lives. For me, theatre is a quest for what binds people together, despite all our differences.

Acting course in Paris
My training and work experience has given me an international outlook. Today, the source of inspiration for all my work is still the acting lessons I received from Monika Pagneux and Phillipe Gaulier (inspired by Lecoq). They were my teachers in the early eighties at the École Internationale Formation Théâtrale in Paris. I was taught to make theatre with craftsmanship, pleasure, passion and high spirits. By taking masterclasses from Pagneux over the years, I have become a specialist in this form of actors’ training. I am in the process of writing a book about her work. You can read more about it under ‘Author’.