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In the acting lessons, everything focuses on tapping the actor’s performance resources. As a teacher, I let actors discover how they can make optimal use of their body. Though it can be useful, a supple, trained body is not a precondition for becoming a good actor. What is essential, though, is having a creative and open attitude, and knowing and using your own body.

Working on performance awareness
As a teacher, I work on actors’ performance awareness. Everything you do is for the audience, whether it’s your blood, sweat or tears. You give something to the audience because you want to tell a story. We explore how to use this to the maximum.

An unconventional teacher
Students discover rules of the theatre that will be valuable throughout their lives. When the penny drops, their acting really takes off. Initially, students often have to get used to the unconventional teaching approach. Though we have a lot of laughs in the lessons, don’t get the wrong idea! Besides having fun, I can also be very strict professionally. Cheating is not allowed, so beware of the dog!