As a child, I used to dream of standing on stage in a ballgown and wig.But I discovered early on that my strength lay in the area of comedy. In a performance when I was seven, it made people laugh when I said ‘Hans, I’m so frightened’, even though I really heard the wolves there in the dark forest.

Exuberant and subdued acting
In the production SiSiSi, by Golden Palace, I came on stage behind an ironing board. It made the audience laugh, partly because of the unexpected image and partly because of the timing. There was a moment of restraint and delay, before making a quick switch. A bit later, I sang a chanson of pain and desperation. I like that – transforming, switching from one thing to another, undergoing metamorphoses. I like playing with extremes: one moment as light as a feather, exuberant and unabashed, and the next subdued with minimal gestures. I feel at home in a physical style of acting, where comedy and tragedy alternate.

Acting alongside directing
For ages, I thought that creating and performing were the same thing, until I started to find creating and directing more important than performing. However, I’m happy that I’m still active as an actress. It makes a nice change from directing and teaching and is inspired by the pure joy of performing. Acting is like returning to the source.